Bride and groom outside brick building, posing for photo. Traditional or trendy, first look or ceremony?

Trend vs Tradition: First Look or Ceremony

Is it trendy or traditional to do a first look at your wedding? The thing about first looks is that no matter what, you will have a special moment when you see your spouse for the first time on the wedding day. How you do it is up to you! 

What is traditional? 

Traditionally, couples wait until the ceremony to have their first look. When one partner is standing at the end of the aisle and the other is walking down to join. This creates an emotional pause-in-time which all of the anticipation of the day has building towards. Family and friends get to witness the two of you seeing each other for the first time right before the big moment. If you’re considering this option but are worried about photos, have an early ceremony or an exit cocktail hour.

What is trendy? 

In recent years, couples have begun opting for a separate First Look moment. This is when the couple plans to see each other privately before the ceremony. Typically one partner is turned away and the other partner approaches them and tells them when to turn around with the photographer in the perfect position to capture the moment.

Couples prefer this option because it gives the two getting married a quiet moment to be together right before the ceremony. Some use this time to say a prayer, to read each other’s notes, or to simply be together. Another benefit to this option is that it allows for photo time with family, wedding party, and couple portraits to happen before the ceremony. Then after the ceremony, you can go directly to your cocktail hour rather than rushing to get photos done. 

How to blend trends with traditional? 

Some couples want the best of other worlds. Here are 3 days to blend the trends with tradition:

1. First Look in Ceremony Space

Do you want to see each other before the ceremony but want that end of the isle moment? Have your first look in the ceremony space before the guests arrive. One partner can wait at the end of the aisle while the other walks down. This will give you the private moment together but will also give the grandeur of standing at opposite ends of the aisle. A perfect solution! 

2. First Look with someone else

Are you looking to have that surprise first look but still want to wait to see your spouse for the ceremony? You can have a first look with someone else close to you. This could be bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, friends, siblings, grandparents, or children; anyone you want! Have that person or group stand with their backs turned. Have someone count down and then surprise them with your look for the day. It will be a special moment no matter who is there, and you get to see your spouse in the ceremony for the first time!

 3. First Touch

This alternative creates the most intimate of moments between partner before the ceremony. A first touch is similar to the trendy first look but you do not see each other. Couples will stand on either side of a wall, or even stand back to back. This option gives you that private moment before the ceremony to talk to each other while still allowing you to not see each other before the ceremony. It’s a beautiful alternative that gives the couple a moment to slow down during the busyness of the day. 

Whatever you choose to do, whether it’s trendy, traditional or a mix of both, it will be beautiful. Each option creates a magical moment between you and your partner on your special day. Our team cannot wait to help you create the moment that is just right for you.

So now our team asks you, which one would you choose? 

Abby & Josh 10/14/21 – Jaymi Joy Photography