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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Thoughtful Ideas for Every Budget

16 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Honey 💘🍯

Sometimes it can be hard to pick out a gift that is worthy of your special someone. Trust us, we have been there!

Thankfully, we have done the research for you and come up with a curated list of our favorite gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day.

These gifts will be sure to make your partner feel all of your affection on this day of love!

Build Your Own

1. LEGO Roses/Bouquet

This is a labor of love that will be appreciated and admired for years to come! In just a couple of hours, you can put together a beautiful bouquet of flowers that will never die!

Choose from their many different arrangements to find the perfect fit for your special someone.

Click here for the link!

2. Personalized Gift Basket

It is so easy to make your partner feel loved and appreciated by simply going around to different stores and picking out small items that make you think of them.

Head on over to a store like Target or TJ Maxx, grab a cute basket, and put all of those items inside!  You can go any direction you want with this by making them:

  • A cozy comfort basket with a robe or blanket, slippers, a candle, a coffee mug and their favorite coffee (you can never go wrong with this!)
  • A snack basket with all their favorite foods and drinks or a charcuterie basket with a charcuterie board and some fancy cheeses, jams, and a bottle of wine!
  • A hobby basket with accessories that will help your honey do some of their favorite things and let them know you support their every endeavor!

If you want more inspiration, click this link!

  Tip: Add in something handmade for a more personal touch!

3. Candle Making Kit

This is a gift and an activity all in one!

You can either make a candle with a signature scent that perfectly encapsulates your better half, or make it an activity that you can both do together and make a candle that will remind you of your love together every time it is lit!

There are so many options for this, but we thought this one was cute!

4. Reasons Why I Love You Jar

This gift may be the easiest and most meaningful of them all! All you have to do is write down all of the things that make you love your partner and put them in a jar.

Your special person will beam with joy and adoration every time they reach in and pull out another love note! It is truly a gift that keeps on giving.


5. 1 Perfect Year

This gift offers a vintage instant photo aesthetic, with a minimalist modern twist! Look back on your favorite moments from each month out of the past year with each other and bask in your mutual love.

Click here for the link!

6. Custom Viewfinder

Embrace your nostalgic side by customizing a reel in a classic Viewmaster 3D Reel Viewfinder with some of your most special moments with your partner! Click here for the link!

7. First Date Night Sky/Our Song

This is such a special way to display your love on the walls of your home. You can get a custom piece of wall art that shows the constellations that were in the sky the night you met, immortalizes your special song, and so much more!

Etsy has so many options for this custom gift, but here are a couple we liked: Night Sky  &  Our Song 

8. Quirky, Endearing Wall Art

Get your person a piece of customized wall art that perfectly captures your silly and loving relationship. Choose from the many cute and quirky options on Etsy! Here is one we thought was cute!


9. Little Getaway

Surprise your partner by taking the initiative to plan a small (or big) trip for just the two of you. It could be just booking a hotel or cabin a town away for a little date night somewhere new, or it could be a week-long escape to somewhere sunny!

You can plan something for next week or for months in the future… The effort put into planning a  getaway with your special person will make them feel loved and absolutely spoiled.

10. Cooking Class

Taking a cooking class with your love can be a fun and intimate experience! Spice things up in your own kitchen by learning how to make something new!

The Local Epicurean in Grand Rapids has some lovely and delicious private cooking classes. 

11. The Adventure Challenge

“Make a memory! With this book as your guide, you and your significant other will grow in new levels of your relationship through adventures and experiences you will never forget.”

Scratch off a new surprise agenda to make each date night a memorable experience! Click here for the link! 

12. Couples/2 Person Game

If your partner is a game person, they will love receiving a game specially picked out by you that you can enjoy together!

There are many 2 player games that range from simple question & answer games like “Let’s Get Deep” to strategy games like “Codenames.” Check out more 2 player games at Target!

From Me To You…

13. Kissing Coffee Mugs

Celebrate how perfectly you fit with your partner by gifting them these ridiculously cute coffee mugs! Click here for the link! 

14. Morse Code Bracelet

Put a special coded message to your love in this bracelet that they can look down at every day and think of you! Click here for the link!

15. Footsie Blanket

Does your partner always have chilly feet? Yeah, us too. Get them this cozy blanket with a little pocket to keep their toes extra toasty! The best part: there’s enough room for 2! Click here for the link!

16. Silk Pajamas

Make your partner feel luxurious and cozy by gifting them a set of silk pajamas! Go one step further and get yourself a matching set, so you can indulge in luxury together! We love these silk pajamas!

Use this list to spoil your favorite person this Valentine’s Day… or send it to that special someone who wants to spoil you! 😉

Love is in the air! 💘