Port 393 building with sign, offering outdoor and indoor wedding ceremonies with creative options.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Wedding Ceremony: Pros & Cons

At Port 393, you have the opportunity for an immense amount of creativity when it comes to your wedding ceremony. For most of the year, all of Port 393’s ceremonies are outside. But once the weather shifts we will do ceremonies indoors for the late fall, winter, and early spring months (typically November through March).

Choosing between an outdoor ceremony and an indoor ceremony can be hard to navigate if you fall into one of those months! This blog will cover the pros and cons of each option to ensure you are fully prepared to make your ceremony decision!

Indoor Wedding Ceremony Pro’s

outdoor vs indoor wedding ceremony

Weather Protection 

One of the big pros of having your ceremony indoors at Port 393 is the protection from any weather. You have shelter from rain, heat, wind, and any other weather possibilities having your ceremony inside. It is a climate-controlled space inside so your guests have the opportunity to not worry about if they will be too cold sitting outside!

Upstairs Cocktail Hour

After your ceremony is complete, you and your guests will be able to head up the stairs to the separate cocktail space. During this time while you are enjoying cocktail hour with your people, our team will be able to move the chairs and fully set up for your reception.

The Port 393 Team will close the white curtain on the main level to hide all of the magic happening as we flip the ceremony space for the reception.

When you come back down for your reception, the space will be fully transformed and you (mom, family, friends etc.) won’t have to lift a finger! 

Built Out Backdrop

With a ceremony inside Port 393, it means that you are able to have a more elegant, built-out backdrop behind you at the altar and re-use it behind the head table for the reception. This allows you to only have to purchase it once and set it up once, keeping the cost and work down. 

Dimmable Lighting

All of the lighting in the spaces at Port 393 are dimmable! This adds another level of intimacy and a relaxing feel to the space without the harsh lighting.

With dimmable lighting, you are also able to make the space work regardless of what the weather is outside. If it’s dark and pouring rain, the lighting inside the space can be a lot brighter.

DJ Only Sets Up Once

If your ceremony and reception are both in one space, your DJ will only have to set up their equipment one time! This will allow for an easier flow for not only you but for your DJ as well. They will only have to test their audio once which can create room for fewer errors in the long run. 

Set Aside Private Space for Family and Bride & Groom

Oftentimes there are moments where the couple and their families just need a quick second to themselves before the ceremony starts. With the ceremony being in the main space, the upstairs area can be used as a large private space for the couple, wedding party, and families prior to the ceremony. 

Tons of Natural Light 

The space at Port offers a lot of natural lighting in the main space. The ceiling in the space is painted white so that the light reflects and offers a brighter area. This creates brighter photos for the photographer so that they are able to produce the best content for you.

Indoor Wedding Ceremony Con’s

indoor wedding ceremony pros and cons

Tables Set Up in the Room

If you have your ceremony inside, your tables will already be set up for you and pushed up against the walls in the space. This allows for our team to quickly and easily set up the reception space once your ceremony is done. But, this will be something you will see off to the side when you’re in the space and in your photos as well. 

Head Table Won’t be Set Up

When we are setting up your space, we are able to have the rest of the tables set up because they will not be in the way of anything else. But, when it comes to your head table, this will be something that we won’t be able to set up because it’s typically in the center of the room.

If you have chosen to have a VIP Package from us, your Day of Coordinator (DOC) will have your table completely set up for you before your reception so that you are able to not worry about completing that.  Otherwise, your designated point person will be in charge of the head table!

Not Able to Dismiss Guests After Ceremony

Oftentimes couples will choose to dismiss their guests row by row after they do their ceremony exit. This can create a more personal interaction with each and every one of your guests on your special day.

But it can take a very long time, and with the space needing to be flipped immediately after the ceremony, this is a tradition that does not work with indoor ceremonies! 

Small Space for Photographers

With all of the tables off to the side and the chairs set up for the ceremony, it can be hard for the photographers to get to where they need to be. Your photographer will have plenty of space to be able to get the shots that they need to, but chances are there will be less room than normal!

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Pro’s

outdoor wedding ceremony pros and cons

Reception Space Will Be Fully Set-Up

If you have your ceremony outside at Port 393, you won’t have to stress about whether or not your space is fully set up. Both your ceremony space and your reception space will be set up before you get there and you won’t have to worry at all! 

Natural Lighting for Photographers

When you are outside, you will have complete natural lighting for you and your photographer. This will allow them to provide some of the best photos for you so that you are able to cherish that day for years to come. 

Unique Rooftop Feel

The rooftop at Port offers an elevated industrial outdoor feel for ceremonies. You and your guests will be surrounded by the beauty of the greenery surrounding the seating as you sit through the ceremony. 

Transitions Seamlessly Into Cocktail Hour

Following the ceremony, our team will open the garage doors where you will be able to step between the spaces seamlessly. Your guests will be able to easily walk between spaces and be able to be a part of everything that’s happening. 

Market Lighting

With the outside rooftop, we have strung market lighting across the terrace. When it becomes dark outside, these lights offer a more cozy feel to the space.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Con’s

outdoor wedding ceremony pros and cons list


An outdoor ceremony brings the weather to the forefront of everyone’s minds. Is it going to be hot, cold, raining, or windy? You never know what you might get when you are getting married outside. This is why this can sometimes be one of the biggest headaches when you are planning an outdoor wedding. 

DJ Has to Set-Up Twice

When you are getting married outside, typically your DJ will have to set up their equipment more than once. They will have to set up for ceremony music, run the ceremony, and then during your cocktail hour, travel back downstairs to set up for your reception as well.

This can often cause stress for not only you making sure that it’s set up and working, but for the DJ making sure that he remembers everything and it’s all setup. 

More Restricted Seating

On our terrace, we are typically able to seat just about 200 guests comfortably. This can often create a problem for those who are looking to have a bigger guest count than we are able to fit. 

In the end, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a spot for your ceremony. Whichever space you choose will be amazing for you and your future spouse. We can’t wait to see how our couples continue to transform our space on their special day. 

If you’re looking for more inspiration on how to transform our space, check out our Pinterest page and our Ceremony board: 

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