A wooden Michigan State on a black board, representing a heartfelt token of Michigan love for wedding guests.

Heartfelt Tokens: A Taste of Michigan Love for Your Wedding Guests!

We’re so thrilled to share some genuine, local goodness to sprinkle some extra love on your big day! At Ivy House and Port 393, we love seeing couples treat their guests to a piece of Michigan magic! If you’re on the lookout for wedding favors that scream Michigan charm, look no further!

Let’s dive into these heartfelt, local delights that will make your guests feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Farmers Market Honey: Pure Local Sweetness! 🍯

Take a stroll through our vibrant farmers market and grab jars of honey straight from the heart of Michigan. Support our local beekeepers and let your guests savor the pure, locally sourced sweetness. It’s like a little dollop of Michigan love for them to take home. Reid’s Gourmet is an excellent option in the area!

Blueberry Goodies Galore: Michigan’s Berry Best! 💙

Michigan’s blueberries are the stuff of legends, and we’ve found the perfect spots to get your hands on some delightful blueberry treats.

From Bowerman’s on 8th to Crossroads Blueberry Market, or the charming DeGrandChamps Farm Market, there’s no shortage of these delicious wonders. Jams, candies, or even fresh blueberries – take your pick and share the taste of summer love!

Michigan Magnets: Souvenirs to Cherish! 🗺️

Keep those memories close with cute Michigan magnets. Your guests can choose their favorites from the Apothecary Gift Shop, Harbor Wear of Holland, or Tin Ceiling in Downtown Holland.

Every time they open the fridge, they’ll be greeted by a little piece of the love-filled celebration they were part of.

Craft Beer and Seltzers: Cheers to Local Brews! 🍻

If you and your crew appreciate a good brew, why not share the local craft beer and seltzers scene?

Explore the goodness from New Holland Brewing Company, Big Lake Brewing Company, Tulip City & Hopland, and Brewery 4 Two 4 in Holland. Mini bottles or cans of these local delights – because nothing says celebration like a refreshing sip of hometown brew. Pair it with a customized koozie or bottle opener to add a personal touch!

Apple Goodies from Michigan Orchards: Fall Feels All Year Round! 🍎

Celebrate the cozy vibes with apple-themed goodies from Crane’s Pie Pantry in Fennville or Crisp Country Acres in Holland. Whether it’s apple butter, cider, or some mouthwatering apple treats, your guests will be taking home a slice of Michigan’s orchard magic.

Granola Goodness: Hugs from Holland! 🌾

Treat your guests to locally sourced granola from Bear Creek Farms, Bowerman Blueberries Farm Market, Good Life Naturals, or Spera Foods (Tiger Nut Granola), all found at the Holland farmers market. It’s a healthy and downright delicious way to say thanks from the heart.

Taffy Apples from Kilwins: Sweet Nostalgia Wrapped Up! 🍬

Indulge your guests’ sweet tooth with taffy apples from the legendary Kilwins in Downtown Holland. These sweet and sticky treats are like a warm hug and a taste of nostalgia all rolled into one.

Mini Bottles of Local Wine: A Toast to Your Love Story! 🍷

Let’s raise a glass to your love story with mini bottles of local wine from Tanglewood Winery in Holland or Fenn Valley Winery in Fennville. Elegant and perfectly packaged, they’re a heartfelt way to say cheers to the love that brought everyone together.

So there you have it – a genuine array of local delights to make your wedding favors as special as the love you’re celebrating at Ivy House or Port 393.

Here’s to love, laughter, and the taste of Michigan’s heartfelt goodness! 🥂💑