Veuve Clicquot Thanksgiving wine bottle on elegant fall wedding table setting.

2023 Fall Wedding Trends We Love

As fall’s crisp breeze arrives, so do the latest trends in fall weddings. From warm and earthy color schemes to nature-inspired décor, this season brings a sense of cozy sophistication to the world of weddings. We can’t wait to see all of the fall weddings come to life this year!

It’s Port 393’s third fall season of weddings, and since we’ve seen it done a time or two before, we thought we would share our inspiration for this year!


Decor can bring your entire vision for your wedding day to life. Fall is the perfect time to use amber tones, textured florals, and subtle pops of color! Some of the decor items that we love right now are vases of cattails and pampas grass.

You can apply this in a boho style or keep it classic. Port 393 has large glass vases with pampas grass available for rent along with amber and clear bud vases.

Table Settings

Thoughtful table settings are an easy way to elevate your table without overcrowding it! Your guests are going to need a napkin, so you might as well utilize that opportunity to bring more of your vision to the table!

Adding a hint of fall color using a napkin, menu, or wedding favors among the rest of your decor is stunning while being functional and budget-friendly. Napkins and menus are also great ways to bring other textures to the table.


You can take your fall wedding vision in so many directions. Whether you love the look of the classic rich colors of the season – deep reds, warm oranges, and golden yellows. Or the classic with white and green with pops of amber here and there.

Lots of our clients choose to utilize in-season flowers such as mums, roses, dahlias, pansies, and sunflowers. This season allows for bright, light, dark, and moody florals.

First photograph by Lindsey Harris Photography

If you are still looking for more fall inspiration, we have a Fall Pinterest board that can help with that! Check out our Fall Pinterest Board here!